Do you know God?

Knowing God

Can we know God personally? Does faith really matter? The answer to both of these questions is Yes. It is true that we can individually have a relationship with God through Christ. And it is also true that having faith matters. Jesus Christ was sent to Earth with one mission. His mission was to bring man and God together. There was only one way to effectively do that. He had to remove the wall between God and man. Sin blocks man from God. Christ paid a penalty of death on our behalf so that our sins could be forgiven, and that we could be with God. We matter so much to God that he made us all, and he died for us all. Why would God bother making us? Why would he die for us? God is love, and being love, he wanted something to love on. So he made us, the target of his love. But being a gentleman, God has given us the choice to love him back. With that choice came the ability to do wrong. Our sin stands in the way of that love relationship. God asks us to simply believe in Jesus, and that sin is taken away. Sin requires payment, payment of blood. This is why Jesus had to die. Upon the cross he took the sins of all mankind, including yours. He was a substitute sacrifice, taking our place, taking our penalty. God loves you so much that he would send Jesus to die for you, giving you the gift of eternal life. What does this matter? It matters very much because each person must choose for themselves what they believe about Jesus. What do you do with Jesus Christ? Can you put your faith in him? Knowing God begins through believing in Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life; he is the way to the father in Heaven. You can begin that journey today, of knowing God. If you feel that you want to trust Christ as your savior, and believe in him, then just pray. Prayer is talking to God. If you are sorry for your sins, then tell him. If you want to put your faith in Christ and have eternal life, tell him. God is faithful, he will hear your prayers and he will forgive your sins.

What does any of this stuff have to do with an offroad club? Good question. As Christians, we feel it is our first priority in life to be obedient to God. Part of that obedience is telling the world about Jesus, bringing the good news of eternal life. That is why you are reading this section of our webpage. We like to have a good time, to build friendships, and to do some crazy four wheeling, but there is more to life than that. This is why we incorporate our faith into our club. We are not perfect people; we know that. But we make an effort to live up to God?s standard, and to glorify him. It is our desire that members in our club, and those who we come in contact with, will see beyond our shortcomings, and see beyond the sport of o ffroading, and see Jesus Christ working in our lives. And better yet, we pray that you will trust Christ as your savior too.

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